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Data is key to efficiency

Sustainability doesn’t just mean using renewable and green energy sources; it also includes the efficient production and utilization of available energy.

While energy demands are increasing, fossil fuel deposits are decreasing – and so is the cost of producing renewable energy. Meanwhile, technology is ever-improving. No wonder that renewable energy is gaining an increasingly larger share in the energy mix.



The ever-increasing number of sensors built into components and machinery collect a vast amount of data. From geolocation transmitters to temperature sensors, wind turbines, and beyond, the biggest challenge is how exactly to utilize this data in the various business areas.

DATAPAO utilizes data platforms, big data, and machine learning technology to predict, monitor and visualize production, even in real-time.



Data can help you choose the most efficient energy trading routes, balance the demand and supply sides, calculate and anticipate prices in real-time, and optimize the energy grid while trading energy carriers and produced energy.



DATAPAO offers industry-specific data solutions from data platforms to applications based on machine-learning and ai for smart city projects.  

What makes urban centers smart

In smart cities, data plays a crucial role in shaping infrastructure and services in ways that truly respond to real-time demands and conditions. Various technologies such as sensors and IoT devices collect large amounts of data that will power insights to help city planners and decision-makers make better, more efficient decisions.


AI and automation

Such data can be leveraged to optimize traffic flows, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, enhance public safety, and much more. Enhanced with machine learning applications, data can be fully leveraged in automation tasks, as well as create new services and business models that drive economic growth and create new jobs.

The role of data in smart cities is to provide a foundation for innovation, sustainability, and improved quality of life for all citizens – and DATAPAO can help power this transformation.



Responsive supply chains  

Data generated throughout supply chains can be turned into valuable insights by DATAPAO. By leveraging advanced analytics, organizations become more responsive, customer-focused, and driven by demand.

  Beyond production  

Data brings near-endless opportunity in manufacturing. Taking the monumental amount of output metrics, market conditions, sales, social media, demographics, and other available direct and indirect data, we design and implement sophisticated solutions that optimize manufacturing operations and unlock new opportunities.

DATAPAO clients’ goals are addressed throughout the entire supply chain management journey with robust data platforms built from the ground up or by deploying solutions to tackle use-case-specific issues.



DATAPAO offers industry-specific data solutions from data platforms to applications like fraud prediction and churn prevention based on machine-learning and ai for financial institutes.   Safer and more reliable   

From online banking to innovative investment products, every guise of fintech can reduce fraud and minimize regulatory risk by comparing customer activity to historic patterns.

Big data analytics can identify the source of suspicious transactional behavior and enable financial institutions to take immediate action.

Useful on every level  

But data also provides an increasingly accurate method for predicting customer behavior and improving service levels and loyalty.

As a result, fintech startups, scaleups, and enterprises can accurately segment customers based on their needs, preferences, and spending patterns to target marketing campaigns directly, as well as develop new products.



DATAPAO offers industry-specific data solutions from data platforms to applications like energy efficiency, predictive maintenance and waste reduction based on machine-learning and ai for construction industry and projects.  

The impact of our built environment

The construction industry is one of the largest global consumers of raw materials and accounts for an average of around 6% of the global GDP, per WEF.

Optimizing projects with a data-driven approach throughout their entire lifecycle is the key to reducing costs, saving resources, and improving the safety of the built environment.


Data to boost construction

Before a project even begins, data is used to inform site selection, deliver feasibility studies, and conduct budgeting. During construction, data monitors progress, tracks costs, and ensures that the project stays on schedule. But even after construction, data can be used to optimize building performance and inform future projects – and overall growth.

With the increasing availability of digital tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and IoT sensors, the construction industry is becoming more data-driven than ever, allowing for greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved outcomes for all stakeholders.

Companies that take full advantage of all this data are set to gain an upper hand in this highly demanding sector, today and in the future.



Discover what lies ahead

One of the biggest challenges in mining and tunneling is figuring out what’s in the earth ahead of us. Data solutions can give insight into geological conditions and identify potential risks and opportunities.

By compiling and analyzing data from various sources – including drilling samples, geological surveys, machine sensors, mock pits – we can create models to aid in decision-making and provide a better understanding of the environment you are working in. 


Safety first

With sensors and IoT devices installed on-site, data is collected in real-time on everything from equipment performance to output. By analyzing this data, we can identify patterns, anomalies, maintenance needs, and operational bottlenecks to increase productivity, avoid downtime, and ensure safety. 



DATAPAO offers industry-specific data solutions from data platforms to applications like accelerated drug testing and production optimization based on machine-learning and ai for the pharma industry.  

Disrupting pharma  

Challenges related to drug approval, quality control, and supply chain management require nimble tools, and data can be a key ally. The goal? To enable effective management and the creation of efficient action plans.   

The pharmaceutical industry can identify safer and more effective treatments through advanced data analysis and data-driven decision-making. 

Leveraging data to speed up results   New drugs can be taken to market faster while keeping safety a top priority. Predictive analytics and AI-driven technologies in drug discovery, development, testing, and post-launch monitoring of products mean better, safer critical decision-making.   The path to helping patients faster and with increased safety, as well as drive growth, is paved with data.


DATAPAO offers industry-specific data solutions from data platforms to automations based on machine-learning and ai for startups and digital natives.   Thriving on data  

Startups thrive on data – but quantitative data can never paint a complete picture. It is important to complement it with qualitative data, diligently analyzing both, and combining them to draw solid conclusions.

Scale-up challenge? Accepted  

To scale up efficiently, you’ll want to choose the right tools and implement them adeptly.

With DATAPAO as your partner, you can enjoy a single source of truth to help every team member across the company to make informed decisions and fuel your growth.


DATAPAO created the next-level Wind Power Prediction for Hydro

The challenge: an existing local ML model had to be transformed into a scalable solution as part of a transformation pipeline. Previous solutions did not meet the expectation.

DATAPAO lifted the wind power prediction system by transforming the single-core system to a scalable distributed solution and putting it into production at wind farms in Norway.

DATAPAO elevated Norsk Hydro’s data architecture by delivering meaningful solutions throughout our different industry verticals, such as Energy or Manufacturing. Besides implementation, they enable our colleagues as well to become Data Engineers.
Chahid Bibi IT Director, Digital & Cloud Services

Centre of Excellence Program leads Data Democratization at a Global Energy Company

There is a constant and growing need for subject matter technology experts to leverage the full capability of Databricks and be able to derive insights from massive amounts of data from IoT and other sources.

Participating with our Data Engineers in the Centre of Excellence to build applications and to enable experts at one of the largest Energy companies globally to use AI workloads to optimize assets - and reduce carbon footprint.

With their flexibility, expertise, and Databricks' understanding, DATAPAO is a great asset helping to enrich and nurture the engagement between the Energy Company and Databricks.
Paul Den Dekker Global Representative
at Databricks

Machine Learning on Azure Data Lake helps EGIS and its patients to get the proper treatment

The challenge was to develop personalized treatment plans for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a life-long disease whose multiple forms require varying treatments. Earlier, running such models for selecting better treatments would have taken many months on legacy systems.

DATAPAO was leading the implementation of the Azure platform and necessary applications. With the new data architecture, modeling, and documentation could be accelerated dramatically. Faster and more accurate insights mean better treatments for patients.

DATAPAO was extremely open to joint experimentation, which was instrumental in being able to implement the whole approach quickly.
Zsolt Holló MD, PhD Head of Biotech Center
EGIS Pharmaceuticals


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