Data Science Service

Implements comprehensive data science solutions for Businesses

Datapao develops and implements comprehensive data science solutions for businesses. We run experiments and meet the analytical needs of our clients by leveraging cutting edge machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our customized service covers the entire Data Science lifecycle – from R&D through implementation to deployment providing state-of-the-art technical solutions and higher business values for our customers. Datapao churns through small data to big data, transforms information into insight, and builds thorough, ready-to-use, data-driven use-cases. Wherever you are in your journey, Datapao will figure out the best way ahead and reach your business targets. We are a client-focused industry expert team of Data Engineers, Solutions Architects, and Data Scientists who believe in strong and lasting partnerships.

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Ingesting data from source systems for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI applications

Hyperparameter tuning in a distributed manner

Exporting models for serving individual predictions

Performing scalable deep learning model inference

Using transfer learning for featurization

Preparing data for distributed training

Logging, Comparing, Packaging, Deploying models to production environments

Training and re-training machine learning and deep learning models

Preprocessing data for deep learning feature processing

Automating the development of machine learning models

Identifying appropriate algorithms

Versioning and stage transitioning models

(Most) Common Data Science Use Cases

Customer Behavior Prediction

Personalized Customer Experience

Improved Production Efficiency

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Image Analysis

Sales Effectiveness

Why Us? for Businesses

We deliver large-scale data processing, analytical and production machine learning solutions globally to achieve substantial improvements in clients' business performance through data.

We have special competence in innovative technologies like Databricks, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and industry-specific use-cases in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Livestock, and Digital Products.
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Datapao has many years of experience and unmatched expertise when it comes to data.
Whether we design and implement solutions or deliver training (hyperlink) to some of
the biggest corporations and conferences in the world, we are always thriving for
excellence and reliability.


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