Data Engineering Service

We help you realize the full advantage of your data

Datapao builds robust, scalable, secure batch and streaming analytics pipeline, data platform, and enterprise data lake solutions.

We help you realize the full advantage of your data be it by solving the toughest data challenges or getting you up and running from scratch. We have high expertise in handling megabytes to petabytes of structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data with cutting-edge tools and technologies.

We are behind you throughout the whole data lifecycle journey; from data acquisition, modeling, consultation, ETL pipelines, analytics to visualization. Whether you prefer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions or need help with transitioning from legacy to modern systems, Datapao will figure out the best way ahead and reach business objective targets.

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Design and deploy Data Lake in the cloud or on-premise

Create end-to-end data pipelines from source systems to deployment

Migrate from on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure or AWS

Bring internal procedures in line with GDPR and privacy policies

Analyze batch and real-time data

Build on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions

Apply thorough data quality management and configure DQM rules

Build next-generation, intelligent Data Management Platforms

Design data governance solutions

Prepare data for AI/ML use cases

Why Us?

We deliver large-scale data processing, analytical and production machine learning solutions globally to achieve substantial improvements in clients' business performance through data.

We have special competence in innovative technologies like Databricks, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and industry-specific use-cases in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Livestock, and Digital Products.
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Datapao has many years of experience and unmatched expertise when it comes to data.
Whether we design and implement solutions or deliver training (hyperlink) to some of
the biggest corporations and conferences in the world, we are always thriving
for excellence and reliability.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Big Data Computing

Hadoop, Hadoop-based technologies Databricks Apache Spark

Data Management

Data Warehousing technologies (Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Athena) SQL

Orchestration and Data Pipeline Management

Databricks Jobs and Pipelines Microsoft Data Factory Airflow

Real-Time Data Processing

Spark Structured Streaming EventHubs Kafka

Machine Learning / MLOps / DevOps technologies

Microsoft DevOps MLFlow