Lead Resident Solutions Architect

Your Role as a Lead Resident Solutions Architect

– You will work with EMEA/US companies and help them solve their data engineering, ML engineering / MLOps, and cloud migration problems. Most of the projects are delivered using Apache Spark / Databricks on AWS / Azure.

– You will work individually on projects and also as a lead of small delivery teams where you will be among the more experienced, if not the most experienced.

– You will directly communicate with clients, manage their expectations and risks and you will oversee the quality of the work of your teammates.

– You will help our team grow by mentoring your colleagues and evaluating technology skills in tech interviews.

Skills you have

– Client Obsession
As a services company, we work with companies who need professional help. When we work with someone, we are all-in on their problems and we go the extra mile to make sure our involvement in our clients’ project will make them successful. We have extremely high client satisfaction rates and we will be keeping it that way. **That’s Datapao priority #1.

– Strong Engineering
Skills The Datapao brand represents flawless Data Engineering and Data Architecture skills matched with a client focus. A strong computer science foundation is essential to deliver well on these projects. Most of our projects require Python, SQL, Unix, and an understanding of Distributed Systems, but Scala pops up sometimes too.

– Full stack, Independent Problem Solving
We mean it. As a boutique company, our team is made up of people who are able to solve problems single-handedly. You might need to set up your own cloud infrastructure before you can start coding and there will be the most unexpected questions coming your way when working with clients. That’s why we need you to do full-stack if and when necessary: from infrastructure through application to keeping in touch with the client. This comes with a lot of responsibilities and even more freedom to make an impact.

– Fluent in English
The majority of the work we do is delivered in Western Europe – remote or onsite – so fluent English is vital.

– Willingness to travel
Some of our projects require your short or medium term onsite presence, mostly in Europe.

What we offer

Transparent, No Bullshit Culture

We are small and growing, which comes with lots of moving parts, so it's vital for us to keep maneuvering and experimenting. This can only be done when all of us work together to keep office politics and bullshit to a zero, and to provide as much transparency as possible.

Extensive Learning Path

Joining Datapao comes with serious educational benefits. You will be admitted to both our and Databricks' public and internal courses, where you will learn all the tricks of Distributed Data Processing, MLOps, Apache Spark, Databricks and Cloud Migration from the best experts out there.

Generous, Transparent Bonus System

A very significant part of Datapao's yearly profit is paid out in the form of bonuses. Our Partner System allows employees with significant contributions to receive a generous part of the profit. Our carefully crafted calculation ensures that your bonus is calculated based on a fully transparent formula and is independent of subjective evaluations of the company's success.

Competitive Salary

The salary range depends on your level of seniority: 800 000 HUF to 1 500 000 HUF gross, full-time employment, without tax tricks. The lower part of the range is for an associate-level engineer, the upper level is for senior solutions architects with significant experience with Spark, Databricks and Microsoft Azure.

Downtown Office

Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, at Bem Square, right at the Buda side of Margaret Bridge.

Application process

Apply with your LinkedIn profile, a list of relevant references, and a few lines about why this position is interesting to you. If you know someone at Datapao, feel free to reach out directly. Also, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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