Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a unified analytics platform accelerating innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business perspectives. Azure Databricks’ end-to-end platform for data engineers and data scientists eliminates silos and liberates you from dealing with infrastructure and operations. Datapao can help your Azure Databricks projects succeed.

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About Datapao

Datapao is a trusted Microsoft and Databricks partner providing consultancy and training to companies using Azure and Azure Databricks.

Our consultants and engineers regularly work with Fortune 500 companies to help them kick-off or mature their data analytical capabilities on Azure Databricks.

We are one of the most experienced Databricks and Microsoft partners having delivered consultancy projects and courses across Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia.

Consultancy services

Design and deliver data collection and data pipelines on Azure

Design and build data lakes with Delta Lake and Azure

Integrate Azure Databricks with enterprise systems

We deliver data analytics, machine learning, and AI projects

Develop real-time data-intensive applications

Working side by side with our clients, we help them develop necessary competencies

We also deliver BI, Data Visualization, Reporting and Automation projects

Review and improve existing Data Architectures

Databricks and Microsoft Partner

We deliver Databricks and Microsoft trainings globally. We created the current Machine Learning and Deep Learning courseware for Databricks. We were also responsible for Databricks’ online trainings in the North American and EMEA regions.

Delivered several Databricks integration and development projects worldwide for multinational companies.

We specialize in Azure Databricks projects. Among others, our past use-cases include trainings, bootstrapping projects, solving performance problems, building data lakes with Delta Lakes and productionizing machine learning projects with MLFlow.
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Some of our happy customers

Datapao works globally with a wide range of clients from banks to factories. No matter what the core of your business is or where you are on your data journey, we’ll figure out the best way forward and help to implement your decisions.