Apache Kafka


This 2-day training will teach you how to use Apache Kafka in a modern data platform.

The whole course is completely hands-on, and you will go through many exercises and workshops. The training is designed to accommodate both developers and analysts. Participants need basic programming skills, but you don’t need to have prior Big Data or Kafka experience.


At the end of this course you will understand and be hands-on with:

Understanding the event centric approach

Understand the concepts and design decisions behind Kafka

Developping stream applications with Kafka

Understand how Kafka integrates to your existing infrastructure

Using the real-time analytics to solve business problems



Apache Kafka Overview

Apache Kafka Architecture

Sending data to Kafka

Reading data from Kafka

Kafka Stream Application Development

Integrating Kafka to existing infrastructure

Maintaining and designing a Kafka cluster


Producer API

Consumer API

Streaming API

Kafka Connect